Michael Martens Wausau wiThank you for taking the time to chat at the Business Expo.

I’m glad you’ve taken the first step in learning more about RelyLocal Wausau and how it can help your business.

I want to personally give you a free gift valued at $75 just for talking with me.


But first, a little background . . .

Do any of these problems hit close to home?

  • Most local businesses can’t afford effective advertising.
  • Most local businesses can’t keep up with new technology.
  • Many local customers have no idea you even exist.

Locally minded consumers are willing to seek out locally owned and independent businesses in our community.

Will they find yours?


RelyLocal Wausau is YOUR  local marketing partner

Traditional advertising methods such as Print Advertising and the Yellow Pages are declining rapidly as more and more users turn to the web. RelyLocal will help your business be found:

  1. Locals-Only online directory. Your business is listed on the RelyLocal Wausau directory with only other locally owned businesses, increasing your visibility online.
  2. Increased rankings for your web site. Our promotion efforts will help boost traffic and search engine rankings for your own website and social media sites.
  3. Social media networking. Got a special or promotion, RelyLocal will get the word out to loyal local followers on our social media channels, blog, and email newsletter.
  4. Coupon marketing. 87% of consumers are more likely to try a business if a coupon is offered. Add coupons for no extra charge.
  5. Co-op advertising. By banding together and pooling our resources, your local business advertising message is louder and stronger.


RelyLocal has real value. Value to the business, value to the consumer, and value to our local economy.


For every dollar spent in a locally owned or independent business, $.68 stays and circulates in the local economy. National retailers only contribute $.43 of  every dollar to the local economy.


– Civic Economics study 2008.

RelyLocal is a Buy-Locally Community Campaign

relylocal sticker doorRelyLocal connects locally owned businesses with local customers. By banding together, small businesses can compete with national brands and big budgets of the chain retailers for the valuable business of the Wausau Metro Area. It’s a community campaign to keep business local.

Over 150 locally owned and independent franchise businesses can be found on the RelyLocal Directory. Our directory is growing every day as more and more businesses get online. You may have even seen one of our stickers in one of your favorite local businesses.


How Does it Work?

Your businesses’ membership on RelyLocal Wausau offers these great benefits.


Basic contact information and map

Detailed description of your business

Coupons and customer reviews

Photos and videos of product and location

Links to email, website, and social media 

Mobile enabled web listing for iPhone and Android

Generates new organic search engine traffic

Includes you in the local social media conversation

Community campaign to support local businesses

Dedicated local account manager

No setup charge or change fees

Unlike other online directories and the yellow pages, each RelyLocal directory is locally owned and operated and 90% of the revenue stays in the local community; growing and supporting our own local economy.


How much would this amount of marketing and promotion be worth to you? $200 … $100 … $75 a month?


A RelyLocal Wausau membership is only $25 a month. For less than one radio spot you get a month of membership. For the price of a small newspaper ad, you receive an entire year of membership.

Now that I’ve got your attention, how about I make the offer a little sweeter with the super exclusive RelyLocal Wausau bonus package that consists of $400 of extra goodies to really take your membership to the next level.


The RelyLocal Wausau bonus package includes:

  • 400 dollar value free13 Months of RelyLocal Wausau directory for the price of 12 ($25 value)
  • 2 Months of Banner Advertising ($150 value)
  • 60 second online video produced and uploaded ($200 value)
  • 60 Minutes of Social Media Consulting ($75 value)



These bonus packages are only available to the first ten businesses that respond to this exclusive offer. I only have a limited number of banner ad spaces available and I want everyone that participates to have a spot.

To reserve your FREE BONUS PACKAGE, please use the form below to set up a no obligation consultation.

Even if you decide that RelyLocal isn’t right for you, the 60 minute social media consultation is my gift to you. I want to see local businesses succeed and will offer my expertise to you. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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