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Men Who Cook: Braised Short Ribs

Everyone is familiar with pork spareribs. But little thought is given to the sumptuous beef short rib. Larger, meatier, and more tender than their pork counterpart; beef short ribs are a true delight. There are many methods of preparation, Korean barbecue is a familiar and notable style, but to do these pieces of meat justice, you need to braise, or slow cook them, in […]

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Bison meat buffalo wausau

Steak shootout: Buffalo vs Grass Fed beef taste test

Today’s consumer, somewhat fed up with the mediocre quality of meat that is finding its way into the butcher cases at large supermarkets, are searching out quality meats that are better tasting and more nutritious. This demand for quality is fueling the grass fed beef movement. But other specialty meats are also hitting the dinner table, including […]

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Facebook’s secure login and browsing broke my App

Facebook is encouraging users to set their Account Security settings so that they log in and browse Facebook using the https: protocol. Doing this give the user added protection from snooping third parties as all your traffic on Facebook will be securely encrypted. Setting your Account security settings is pretty easy. From the Account menu […]

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