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spring weather quote mark twain

Freezing rain this morning in Wausau

In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours. – Mark Twain Don’t let the freezing rain get you down, at least it’s not snow. Have a great Friday, we’ll be up to 60 degrees this weekend.

Robins left the nest today

Two weeks to the day from hatching, the baby robins left the nest to stake their own claim in the world. The first two birds left the nest this morning, bird number four, the smallest, is still hanging in the nest. I expect he will be gone by this evening. …

Robins getting bigger, almost ready to fledge

The baby robins on my front porch, being almost two weeks old, can hardly fit in the nest anymore. They also have a voracious appetite for worms. Two male robins are taking turns feeding them. The first robin will fly up to the nest and deposit a worm into their …

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