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Five ways to reach more fans on Facebook

Facebook marketing continues to be more and more challenging. Not challenging in the sense that it is difficult to do, but challenging in that reaching your customers, fans, and prospects on Facebook is more difficult than ever before Over the last two years we’ve seen a steady decrease in a Facebook business page’s visibility. Back […]

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Is organic growth on Facebook dead?

What’s a business to do? We flocked to Facebook by the lure of easy and free marketing via social media. It seemed too good to be true: put out a few posts and customers would flock to your front door. But with the exponential growth of the Facebook community, the party is now over, and […]

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Listen more, talk less

At a previous job, I had an immediate supervisor that loved to hear himself talk. It was micromanagement to the extreme; the guy would come into your office and talk, talk, talk, without ever really saying anything. The worst was when he would call you. If you picked up the phone you’d be guaranteed to […]

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