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Tom and Jerry at the Domino Bar Wausau

In Praise of the Tom and Jerry

A longtime holiday drink favorite of mine is the Tom and Jerry. This drink consists of a frothy meringue that floats in a mug of hot water, rum and brandy. Add a sprinkle of nutmeg on the top and you have the perfect holiday drink, warming the heart and the body at the same time. The Tom […]

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Spatchcock Grilled Chicken

Ahhh, summertime. With the warm summer weather, it couldn’t be a better time to get out of the kitchen and fire up the grill to enjoy some outdoor cooking. Actually, I never put the grill away, but I certainly do enjoy grilling a lot more when it’s 78 degrees than 5 degrees. Chicken is a […]

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Chewy Italian Ciabatta Buns

What’s everyone’s favorite from the grill? Hamburgers, of course. But the problem with hamburgers is watching your bun melt away when you put a big, thick, juicy burger on it. Ciabatta to the rescue! Ciabatta is a soft and chewy Italian roll with with plenty of big holes that will soak up just about any […]

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Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Brownies from the box are ok. I like them because they’re convenient and the mix is relatively inexpensive. Who can’t argue when you can usually get a box of mix on sale for only a $1. But when is comes to the decadent taste of rich  chocolate fudge brownies, you need to forgo the mix […]

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Italian Wedding Soup

The popular Italian Wedding Soup is really a bit of a misnomer. It not something you’ll find at an Italian wedding, but instead refers to minestra maritata or ‘married soup.’ – that is, the combining of meat and fresh greens in a soup. Whatever its origins, the Italian Wedding soup is a staple in Italian-American restaurants, […]

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Northwoods Wild Rice Recipe

Wild rice is a staple of Northern Wisconsin- as you head north of Minocqua,WI, you’ll see countless stands selling bulk wild rice. While not technically a rice (it’s a grain harvested from lake grass), it’s nutty taste and toothy texture adds life to about any side dish. My master recipe for Northwoods Wild rice is […]

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