Be Local – Live Local

What does it mean to buy local? Can we really affect our local economy by buying local? Do local businesses really make a difference to the quality of life in our community? This blog will strive to answer these questions and to promote the locally owned businesses in the Wausau area.

Buy Local Wausau!

Buying local is more than just patronizing our local and independently owned businesses. A true localteer needs to Think Local and Live Local. By thinking local, your choices can make dramatic changes on our community and economy. Unfortunately we can’t get everything we need from local businesses, but by making conscious choices, we can maximize the impact of our daily actions and purchasing decisions.


About Michael Martens

Michael Martens Wausau wiThis website is curated by Michael Martens. I’ve lived in the Wausau area since 1978 and feel a very strong tie to the community. I’m a homeowner, community supporter, and am raising my family here. I’m active on several boards and community groups including Wausau Noon Kiwanis, Samoset Council Boy Scouts of America, and Wisconsin Valley Radio Association. Got a question of comment, please feel free to drop me a line in the contact form or leave a comment on this site. Unless otherwise noted, all content and images are original content produced by Martens. Reprint with attribution is encouraged.