Independence Day is less than a week away. With the 4th falling on a Wednesday, it makes it hard to stretch things into a long weekend. But at least it makes for a great break-up of the work week. Many of our local businesses will be closed on the 4th, so plan ahead if you need something to make your holiday a success.

Business Member News

As we celebrate Independence Day and the founding of our Nation, we should also remember the small and Independent business owners too this holiday week. “It’s a time to reflect on the importance of economic democracy and community self-determination by celebrating the nation’s locally owned independent businesses,” says AMIBA director Jennifer Rockne. Independent’s week runs July 1-7, RelyLocal Wausau is your local resource for locally owned and independently run businesses. Look for the round, red RelyLocal sticker in the places you shop, and if your favorite business isn’t a member yet, encourage them to join.

The Planted Seed

The Planted Seed has a new phone number. You can now give them a call at (715)301-1133. They also will soon be offering health and nutrition classes, and fresh coffee and scones in the morning. Have a seat at their little tables and do a little people watching out their big new windows. I think I’ve found a new branch office.

Goin’ Postal

Celebrate Independence Day in style with a new flag. Is your American flag tattered, torn, or faded? Take it to Goin’ Postal and they will not only replace your worn flag with a brand new one, but will make sure your old flag is retired in a proper ceremony.

Kreger’s Bakery

Who’s grilling out this Independence Day? Burgers and brats on the grill are a given this holiday week. Kregers has bakery fresh rolls and buns made daily without any preservatives. But get your buns by Tuesday morning as they will close at noon on July 3rd and be closed all day on the 4th.

Red Clover Market

Good holiday grilling begins with quality meat. Red Clover Market offers high quality nitrate free meats, organic vegetables, spices and condiments for your summertime grilling needs. They’re closed on the 4th, so make you stop by on Tuesday to stock up.

Briq’s Soft Serve

I don’t think there is anything more American than Ice Cream on the 4th of July. This Independence Day all eight Briq’s locations are open on the 4th of July. Their stands in Wausau, Rib Mountain, Weston, Mosinee & Rhinelander are open 11am- 11pm; and Edgar, Merrill & Minocqua are open 11am-10pm. What a great place to go and cool off after the fireworks display.

Lindsey likes to Teach

Now days digital SLR cameras have become commonplace. Just like the cameras of old, these models have a lot of functionality. How would you like to get off the ‘green box mode’ and to learn photography from a pro. Lindsey Loves to Teach is a brand new five week online photography class taught by local photographer Lindsey Marie Kersten that will teach you the techniques to become a better photographer and enjoy the photographic hobby. Enrollment is open now and classes start in August.

Auto Select Express

There are times when you need to get some minor auto service done quickly. Be it an oil change, tire rotation, brakes, or belts. Fortunately Auto Select now has an Express Location at 6205 Schofield Ave in Weston. No appointment is necessary, just drive in and the fast and friendly service people will take care of your vehicle.


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Closing Thoughts

I want to give a big thank you to Sprocketz Bike Shop for taking the lead on the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin’s ‘Give them 3 Feet’ campaign. Cyclists have the same rights as motor vehicles on the roadways and we need to give them adequate room when passing them. The bright yellow Give them 3 signs are starting to sprout up all over the city; so remember, when you see a cyclist, slow down and pass carefully.

Have a Great 4th of July and don’t forget to share this newsletter with a friend!