Google Plus 1 button relylocal wausauBrowsing through the RelyLocal Wausau listings, you may have seen the little red button to the right of the businesses contact information. Labeled with a g+1, this is the Google +1 button. Go ahead, push the button. It helps us out a couple of ways:

Google Plus 1 button wausau local directory

Go ahead and press the button for your favorite businesses, it really helps them out.

Pushing the Google +1 button shows your support of RelyLocal and the content of the business listing. You’re showing that you enjoy the content and want to recommend the content to other users of the Google search engine. This type of recommendation helps promote the RelyLocal Directory and gives the member businesses better placement in the search engines, thereby increasing their visibility.

The other benefit of pushing the Google +1 button is that it will help give other RelyLocal Business members visibility in your search results. When you are searching for a business, product, or service; your recommendations will help fine tune the results so that what you see is more pertinent to your needs.

Go ahead and push the button. It helps the member businesses and it will help you with better tuned search engine results.