Facebook business page timelineWell, it happend. Over the weekend Facebook converted all the business pages to the timeline format. This new format, available to personal accounts since the Fall of 2011, offers a whole new level of creativity and engagement that the previous business pages did not have.

Did your page convert over and now you don’t know what to do first to make it loo pretty? Here are three tips for kickstarting your Facebook Business timeline:

Upload a cover image

The cover image is the new face your your business page. The image should be something that reflects the brand and identity of your business. Be creative and come up with something unique and expressive. The ideal cover image size if 851 x 315 pixels. If your image is larger, you will be able to adjust and move the image. If it is smaller, Facebook will attempt to enlarge the image to fill the space. You’ll want an image properly sized, otherwise your cover will look fuzzy or distorted.

Facebook has a whole set of rules on what can and can not be a part of your cover image. Price information, calls to action, excessive text, or references to Facebook elements such as Like or Share are not allowed. Full details on what is and isn’t allowed can be found here.

Set your Profile Image

The profile image is what viewers will see every day in their newsfeed as you post information and content. The profile should be highly recognizable and descriptive of your brand or identity. Your business logo is a great idea for the profile image. Profiles need to be 180 x 180 pixels. Anything larger or smaller will be compressed or resized. Don’t use a image full of fine detail or small imagery as the profile will be reduced to 32×32 pixels when it is attached to a newsfeed post.

Edit your About information

Now being front and center along with the cover and profile images, the About information on your page is now important than ever. Make your About and description have  clear description of you business and a strong call to action. Also edit the contact information so it is accurate.

There are many more new features and opportunities to kick start your Facebook business page; though these three items will get your started on the path of a successful and engage page. Want to learn more about engaging business pages? Then my Facebook for business classes might the option for you.