Facebook business page profile imageMany people don’t realize that when you create your Facebook profile image you have a lot of creativity in it’s size and content. Instead of using any old image or your business’s logo, why not put that space to good use to promote yourself or your business.

The maximun sized image that Facebook allows on your profile and business pages is 180 x 540 pixels. This gives you a nice, long and narrow billboard to work with. Anything bigger than these dimensions will automatically scaled to fit these proportions. If you don’t want the image scaled, or your information cut off, then try to stay within these maximun dimensions. You can use popular image editing programs like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or free program Gimp to make your custom profile image.

What should you use for your image. For a business page, consider your logo, contact information, maybe even a call to action. I like to include a logo, maybe a portrait if the page is about a person, and some type of contact information on the profile, like a phone number, physical address, email or website. Keep it light and upbeat; not only is the profile image decorating your page, its working as a billboard on your behalf and giving viewers who come to your page a reason to Like and follow you.

The Tanning Studio Wausau schofield ploverOnce you create and upload the expanded image, you will want to set the thumbnail image. If you don’t set the thumbnail, Facebook will display some random element of your image, which may or may not be what you want to show as a thumbnail. When I design profile images, I try to create two elements within the image that can be cropped as a square thumbnail image. This allows me to set a thumbnail without creating any distortations in the image and also swap between two different thumbnails to keep the image fresh.

The Tanning Studio’s profile has two thumbnail elements in it. I can use either the couple at the top or select the Tanning Studio logo and Love How You Look slogan. This variety in the design keeps the attention of the Facebook fan as when you change the profile image, they are more likely to click on the image or link to see what changed on your page.

To upload a new profile image or set the thumbnail for your profile image, hover your mouse on the upper right corner of the profile image. A link will appear called ‘change image’. Click on this link to get to the profile selection page. Here you can upload your new image and also set it’s thumbnail. Once your new profile image is loaded, click on the link just below the image titled ‘edit thumbnail.’

facebook edit thumbnail screenClicking on the ‘edit thumbnail’ link will bring up a small dialog box titled Edit Thumbnail. Use your up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to adjust the thumbnail display. Don’t click on Scale to Fit check box; this will squash your image down to fit inside the small thumbnail, which is something we don’t want. Hit the Save button and view your updated profile image on your page.

Making a custom profile image is one of the easiest ways to update the look and feel of your Facebook page and to promote your message to your fans and followers.

If you found this tip useful and would like more information on how to use Facebook for your business, why not check out my Facebook for Business classes held in the Wausau, WI area. Not from around here? Then contact me about my consulting services and how I can optimize your Facebook business page to reach more people and receive more likes.