Randlin Homes Wausau Bridges of HopeI received a message from Linda Larson Schlitz this morning concerning the Randlin Homes warehouse on 8th Ave and Sherman St. You may not be aware, but Randlin Homes provides rehabilitation and housing assistance for veterans and others that may ‘fall through the cracks’ of our social system and otherwise end up on the streets. Part of their funding has been through their Center of Hope thrift stores on 6th Street  and 8th Ave and Sherman in Wausau. They are now consolidating thrift activities into into one building on 1st Ave and Bridge St in Wausau so they have quite a bit of donated items they need to liquidate.

From Linda Larson-Schlitz:

Because of the incredible generosity of our community donations and Arden Emmerich’s offer of his building these last two years, Randlin Homes gave away over 1000 bags of clothes during the fill a backpack, fill a need drive. Now, we are offering everything else we have to share the joy and keep our friends and neighbors warm this winter.

With the coat drive being down by 50% this year please spread the word that all clothes, shoes, boots and many other things will be free until we are packed and gone by October 31st from our Warehouse Building on 8th Avenue and Sherman. The service we have provided has been great but it is time to downsize and gain more exposure through the opening of our new store “Randlin’s Bridges of Hope Store” on November 1st on the corner of 1st Avenue and Bridge St. and our Gallery of Hope and Training Center on 1006 N. 6th St. in Wausau.